I took my three dogs, Dwight Eisenhower, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin outside to try out a new contraption I made to get photos of them without throwing my back out. Hashtag: oldman.

Alexander "Hammy" Hamilton

Dwight "Dwight" Eisenhower

Benjamin "Franklin" Franklin

The contraption -- heretofore PuppyCam -- is a Canon 5D Mk 1 attached to a Vello ActionPan, suspended by paracord, and with a trigger release.
It's fun to use. As a bonus, as you can probably tell by the Crocs, I am in no kind of shape to be getting up and down from the ground to get pictures of my dogs.
Hammy found a stick.
Dwight was interested at first, but he's the other old man in the house so he's not into sticks much anymore. They hurt the ol' teefers.
So, Hammy had his stick.
And then Franklin came around.
So began the brotherly competition for ownership of the Stick.
"Guys, chill, you're harshing my mellow." - Dwight
"Guys, chill, you're harshing my mellow." - Dwight
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